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Laser eximer (myopia, astigmatism, farsightedness)

This aspect makes it a very appropriate instrument to operate sensitive tissues and organs that require much accuracy.
One of the main applications has been the field of ophthalmology and specifically the laser surgery of the eyes. The eye surgery has been developed significantly in recent years.

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Cataract surgery with ultrasound

Thanks to this technology, we can intervene of cataracts with minimal incision.
Technique novel of Ultrasound micropulses to remove the eye cataracts. – Quick recovery. – Very early reincorporation to your daily activities. Last generation equipment.

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High myopia with intraocular lenses

Intraocular lenses to treat myopia and astigmatism, providing a vision of “high definition.
Implanted with local anesthesia in the form of drops, and the visual recovery is immediate. It is not necessary entering in the clinic. Can be implemented also to correct residual defects after Laser surgery. The age ideal of implantation is between 20 and 45 years, although sometimes are implanted outside this range in specific cases.

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Presbyopia ( tired view)

The presbyopia or tired view, is one of the eye problems more widespread because sooner or later affects us all, regardless of our sex, age, eating habits and even genetics. The presbyopia occurs because the lens that we have within the eye called crystalline, aging and loses the ability to focus the objects, what is called accommodation. It is not an annoying problem.
Tradicionalmente, este problema se ha solucionado con gafas o lentes de contacto pero la cirugía oftalmológica puede dar una solución a la vista cansada que le permita prescindir de las gafas de cerca. Actualmente, las principales vías de investigación se centran en el tratamiento de la córnea mediante Láser Excimer y en la utilización de lentes que se colocan en el interior del ojo proporcionando visión a todas distancias.



The retina is the innermost layer of the eye. It is a smooth membrane and transparent formed by fibers and sensitive cells in the light.
The retinal detachment is the separation of the rest of layers eye of the eye, caused most of the times by one or several holes in the retina and in lower percentage by a traction, inflammation or intraocular tumor. Only in the first two cases of the initial treatment will be surgical.
To reapply the retina there are various procedures.

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Eyelids surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Age, fatigue and stress leave traces that are reflected in the area more fragile face is the contours of the eye, submitted fallen eyelids and fat excess .Blepharoplasty is a surgery that it is to reshape the top or bottom eyelid, eliminating and/or repositioning tissue excess and strengthening the surrounding tendons and muscles .
When it presents a significant amount of skin in the eyelid, the skin can hang on the eyelashes and cause loss of peripheral vision or double vision. The procedure get solve the problem of fallen eyelids, the aspect of fatigue and facial aging, getting a fresh and youth.